iPhone 3GS Overheating - iPhone 3GS


iPhone 3GS Overheating - Yesterday i received an email about "iPhone 3GS Overheating" , in which the sender said that the iPhone 3GS had a problem with their back cracking with seemingly no reason and now the iPhone 3GS has run into a similar problem discoloration.

The problem is like he discovered that his iPhone 3GS was overheating, a lot, due to him using the phone’s GPS and 3G capabilities. This is all fine but after the overheating he discovered that the back of his white iPhone was slightly discolored.

I am not sure if this is a wide spread problem. But on the other hand Apple is sure to provide users plagued with this problem, An alternate phone. If anyone else is experiencing the iPhone 3GS Overheating problem ?? Share with us.


Dean Watkins said...

Thank God someone else is having a problem! I've been holding mine up to the AC vent in my car to get it to cool down.

And when I leave it in my pocket it's too hot on my leg. I thought because I went with the black 32gb (had the white 16gb 3G) and the new battery life might have meant just more heat. But it's insane how hot it is that I have to hold it to the AC vent to cool it down.